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What is Website Design!

Web design encompasses many different skills in maintenance and production of websites. In present, every single organization has a website. So, it demands more. The different areas of web design include graphics web design. Technologies used to create websites include W3C standards like HTML & CSS. There are variety of websites(like B2B) and learner should learn all about it to be a perfect professional designer.


Graphic & Web Design

Course Details

  • Concept of Graphics & Illustration
  • Graphics and Illustration Fundamental
  • Mockup & Layout Design
  • Typography Design
  • Creating Artwork
  • Concept of Photoshop
  • Portfolio Design
  • Illustration for Print
  • Pillar of Website Design
  • Element of Website Design
  • Website design Portfolio
  • Concept of Website Design
  • Website Design for Desktop & Mobile Device
  • Web Inspection Tool
  • Know About HTML, CSS, Javascript etc