Designing — also known as communication design — is a skill that focuses on interpreting the message visually. It can be physical, digital or anywhere in between. It is an art of achieving certain objectives with the use of images, symbols or even with words. It helps in communicating visually and expressing the concepts and ideas aesthetically, using various graphic elements and tools. Learn how to use these tools smartly and work professionally exclusively from AnimaCrew- leading graphics design course institute in Patna,Bihar.

What is Graphic Design!

Graphics design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through photography,typography and illustration. The field is considered as a subset of visual communication. Common uses of graphics design include corporate design (logos & branding), editorial designs(magazines, newspaper), advertising, web design etc. You can enter to the vast designing industry through it.


Graphic Design

Course Details

  • Graphics and Illustration Fundamental
  • Illustration for Print
  • Creating Artwork
  • Design for Print & Advertisement
  • Page Design
  • Concept of Photography
  • Portfolio Projects
  • Concept of Photoshop
  • Concept of Photo Manipulation
  • Create GIF Image
  • Colorization of Image
  • Concept of Logo Design
  • Concept of Graphics & Illustration
  • Typography Design
  • Concept of Abstract Design
  • Banner, Flyer, Brochure
  • Concept of Character Design
  • Concept of Textile and Fabric Design